[netflow-tools] problems with pfflowd that don't happen with softflowd

Michael W. Lucas mwlucas at blackhelicopters.org
Sat Apr 30 21:47:44 EST 2005


I'm currently using softflowd on FreeBSD 5.4, trying to switch over to
pfflowd to get more timely exports of flows.  (It *seems* that
softflowd exports flows much later than when the traffic actually
stops, and it *appears* that pfflowd expires these flows more

My collector is flow-capture, and works perfectly with softflowd.  It
doesn't actually record anything with pfflowd, however.

If I run pfflowd in debug mode, it sure looks like I'm getting flows.

pfflowd[40500]: FLOW proto 6 direction 1
pfflowd[40500]:         start 2005-04-30T07:33:36(0) finish 2005-04-30T07:33:42(6880)
pfflowd[40500]:         w.x.y.z:10260 -> a.b.c.d:443 2897 bytes 11 packets
pfflowd[40500]:         a.b.c.d:443 -> w.x.y.z:10260 831 bytes 9 packets
pfflowd[40500]: Sending flow packet len = 600
pfflowd[40500]: flows_exported = 36

tcpdump on the sensor and the collector shows that traffic is actually
reaching the collector, so I don't think I've made an error on my host
or port config.

Anyone else seen this problem?

I'm running pfflowd as:

pfflowd -n a.b.c.d:port

and softflowd as:

softflowd -i em0 -n a.b.c.d:port

Thanks for any suggestions!


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