[netflow-tools] Latest format update diff

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Sun Aug 21 21:33:23 EST 2005


Here is pretty much the final diff for the new format of flow log.
It will be in CVS shortly. If you want to try this new code out,
the easiest way is to download of the new CVS snapshots from:


In additon the the logfile format changes from the previous diffs, this
diff rewrites the python module. The new Python module is all C and is
nearly twice as fast:


[djm at baragon flowd]$ time ./reader.py flowd.log
      3m53.66s real     3m43.60s user     0m0.31s system


[djm at baragon flowd]$ time ./reader.py flowd.log.new
      2m8.55s real     2m4.01s user     0m0.35s system

It also supports a couple of other niceities, like an iterator over
flow logs.



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