[netflow-tools] Problem with pfflowd on freebsd 6.0

Bartosz Giza gizmen at bsdguru.org
Fri Dec 9 21:55:53 EST 2005

My box is running on freebsd 6.0-STABLE. I want to gather data
to collector from my pf states.

I was trying to make pfflowd to work but without success.
Could anyone help me and tell how to do this?
Maybe there is someone on this list who has pfflowd running on
Freebsd machine and could help me with this.

When i start pfflowd with -D switch i only have this message:
pfflowd -D
No export target defined
pfflowd[37565]: pfflowd listening on pfsync0

it dosen't matter that i tell to what collector send this data.
Nothing happens.
This is router for my network so there is a lot of changes in pf

Could any one give me hint ? If not i will star use softflowd but
i would rather want to use pfflowd.


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