[netflow-tools] Flowd unable to use FIFO

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Sat Jul 9 11:59:17 EST 2005

Jason Dixon wrote:
> Forwarding to netflow-tools where it belongs...
> I'm trying to get flowd to write to FIFO so I can read it in with a perl 
> script and output to my choice of storage (file, db, etc).  The patch 
> below from djm allows flowd to write to fifo, but Flowd.pm fails on 
> init() with a "bad magic" error.


I have thought about this some more - rather than skipping log headers
based on what type of file your are reading from / writing to, I think
it is better that users a choice.

This patch does this - it adds a "skip header" option to flowd,
flowd-reader and the perl/python APIs. So you should be able to put:

logfile "/path/to/fifo" noheader

in your flowd.conf and directly listen to it with "flowd-reader -S
/path/to/fifo". You can also use flowd-reader to write to a fifo

Read the diff to see the equivalent options for perl and python.

Does this work for you? If so, I'll tidy it up, document and commit it.


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