[netflow-tools] flowd benchmark

Gijs Molenaar gijs at looze.net
Wed Jul 13 21:05:12 EST 2005

Damien Miller wrote:

> (I assume that you are using flowd-0.8.5)


> flowd doesn't detect if packets are dropped by the kernel before they
> reach the daemon. It should check the netflow v5+ sequence numbers, and
> this is already on the todo list.

ah ok, good :)

> Does turning off storing the CRC32 in flowd.conf speed this up?

I just did another test with flowd only logging AS info and octets, this 
with the following results:

finished in 145 seconds
flowcount: 961501
6631 flows/s

twice as fast, but still much more slower than flowtools.

> If I get time, I'll look at it on the weekend.

Great. I really prefer flowd, but I need speed. If I can be of any help, 
let me know.

thanks for the fast reply!

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