[netflow-tools] softflowd

gniewko gniewko at aci.com.pl
Mon May 16 23:58:11 EST 2005

Hello there;

I have a problem with probing promisc interface;
In my situation there is a PC which interface is connected to span port
of the switch (Vlan tagged); I've created vlan interface and run
softflowd with appropriate switch (-i eth0.10); 

SWITCH (mirroring port) ----- eth0.10 | eth1 ------ collector

Everything works smoothly and collector (another PC) is receiving
netflow v5 packets; The problem is that the ammount of traffic which is
collected is much more smaller then the real interface load;
there is about 100 mbps on the eth0.10 but flowtools on the collector
shows that there is not more then ~30mbps;

PC's are Linux with Intel Gigabit (eth0), Intel FastEth (eth1) and Intel
Gigabit (collector).

i'd be thankfull for any hint;

thanks in advance, gniewko

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