[netflow-tools] Flow direction

Jason Dixon jason at dixongroup.net
Sun May 22 14:36:41 EST 2005

Still working on the same flowd->db application, looks like I might 
have found an interface/direction problem with either pfsync or 
pfflowd.  I noticed that no matter what type of traffic I push through 
my PF firewalls, "inbound" traffic is always identified with the 
external interface and "outbound" with the internal.  Even when I 
attempt outbound connections from internal hosts (or the firewall 
itself), outbound traffic is always assigned to the internal interface.

An example flow can be seen in line 1 of the output at 
http://www.dixongroup.net/netmon.txt.  I have enabled if-bound 
state-policy, but this has had no effect.  Is this another 
pfsync->pfflowd issue?


Jason Dixon
DixonGroup Consulting

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