[netflow-tools] Flowd error

Rozen bastien.rozenzwejg at enstimac.fr
Tue May 24 23:05:16 EST 2005


I'm sending netflow Tickets with pfflowd to and I would 
recover them with flowd but there is a snag I don't understand.

rozen at 2727[rozen]# flowd -d

read_config: entering
child_get_config: entering
recv_config: entering fd = 3
recv_config: ready to receive config
send_config: entering fd = 4
send_config: done
child_get_config: child config done
bind: Address already in use
Listener setup of []:12345 failed

and my flowd.conf :

logfile "/var/log/flowd"
listen on
flow source
store ALL
discard all
accept agent
accept agent [::1]

Thank you for answers

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