[netflow-tools] "Fatal error - exiting immediately"

Tony and Robyn Lewis gnutered at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 17 11:51:08 EST 2005

Damien Miller wrote:

> On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Damien Miller wrote:
>> If you want to dive into the code, search for return(PP_MALLOC_FAIL)
>> statements and insert some logging around them so you can see exactly
>> which allocation failed.
> Like the attached patch does...

Applied, compiled, ran - no diff to output:

me at mymachine:~/softflowd-0.9.7$ sudo ./softflowd -i eth0 
-n127.0.0.1:2055 -d -D
softflowd v0.9.7 starting data collection
Exporting flows to []:2055
Fatal error - exiting immediately
Exiting immediately on user request


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