[netflow-tools] "Fatal error - exiting immediately"

Robin Breathe rbreathe at brookes.ac.uk
Fri Nov 18 22:20:59 EST 2005

Tony Lewis wrote:
>> I've also found that softflowd dies instantly when compiled with GCC
>> 4.0.2 under Solaris 9/Sparc - I hadn't found time to verify conclusively
>> that GCC was responsible or I would have reported the issue earlier.
> Robin, I don't know if you picked it up, but I sorted this out by 
> compiling with GCC 3.3.

I was already aware of this - I was hit after OpenPKG upgraded to GCC
4.0 as the default compiler in their 2.5 release. I had already been
running for some time with GCC 3.4.2, so it was fairly easy to see what
the likely culprit was (I've just carried on using my customised
OpenPKG-2.4/GCC-3.4.2 RPMs).

> I hadn't heard that GCC 4.0 was bad.  In fact, most of Debian (though 
> not the kernel) is compiled with GCC 4.0 I think.  It's the default 
> GCC.  Dunno how they get away with it.

Indeed. Mac OS X.4 is also compiled with GCC 4.0. I'm not sure whether
"bad" is an apt description. "Different", sure. But I'm not an expert on
compiler internals, so... :)

> If it's compiler badness, there's probably not a lot you can do, other 
> than maybe raise bugs on GCC, because it seems fairly reproducible.

Quite, I was waiting to report this problem until I could track down
exactly what was going on, and whether the problem were limited to
Solars/Sparc with GCC 4.0.

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