[netflow-tools] Hi. Basic knowledge sought.

Derrick MacPherson dm at mainframe.ca
Wed Sep 14 09:33:32 EST 2005

I have this scenario:

	/  |  \
      VPN LAN  DMZ

I want to gather stats, (total sent/rec'd, break down of types of
traffic, etc) and am mainly concerned with the LAN traffic, if that
effects any suggestions. I've been floundering around trying to find
some answers, and wasting a lot of time. I just found out that the PIX
tell you crap from snmp, so setting up cricket has amounted in nothing
of any use. I have a machine that I can insert as a bridge tween the LAN
and the Pix, or on the other side of the Pix. Can someone suggest a
direction/solution? Thanks.


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