[netflow-tools] Problem with pfflowd on freebsd 6.0

Sebastian Schwerdhoefer sschwerdhoefer at multamedio.de
Fri Jan 20 04:50:01 EST 2006


> When i start pfflowd with -D switch i only have this message:
> pfflowd -d
> no export target defined
> zzzz -1
> pfflowd[37565]: pfflowd listening on pfsync0
> it dosen't matter that i tell to what collector send this data.
> nothing happens.
> this is router for my network so there is a lot of changes in pf
> states.

the same situation here. I commented out the lines

        if (ph->action != PFSYNC_ACT_DEL)

in pfflowd.c and it seems to work now. But this is a very dirty hack, 'cause
the condition to only handle PFSYNC_ACT_DEL packets should save a lot of
unnecessary netflow datagrams - as far as i and my boss understood.

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