[netflow-tools] Problem with pfflowd on freebsd 6.0

Sebastian Schwerdhoefer sschwerdhoefer at multamedio.de
Fri Jan 20 23:48:31 EST 2006

Damien Miller schrieb am 2006-01-20 um 13:26 Uhr:
> I have no idea why you aren't seeing PFSYNC_ACT_DEL messages...
> Could you have your pfflowd.c to printf() the pf->action value? Maybe
> that will give us a clue.

pfsync works fine, and state deletions are synchronized too, but
pfflowd (with a debug message) just prints out:
    DEBUG: ph->action: 1
    DEBUG: ph->action: 2
No PFSYNC_ACT_DEL message arrives, only PFSYNC_ACT_INS and
PFSYNC_ACT_UPD. It seems as pfsync (on FreeBSD 6) uses PFSYNC_ACT_UPD
to notify about state deletions...

Sadly I'm not a programmer, so I couldn't figure out how to detect if
a PFSYNC_ACT_UPD message is a masked delete message.

Sebastian Schwerdhoefer

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