[netflow-tools] freebsd 6.1, pflowd, and virtual IPs

Emerald City / Daniel Duerr dd at emeraldcityeg.com
Fri Jul 7 02:52:30 EST 2006


I've successfully deployed pflowd on my freebsd 6.1-STABLE w/PF 
router/firewall and have it feeding its netflows to my collector on 
another machine.  This router/firewall does bidirectional 1:1 NAT for a 
bunch of dedicated servers at a colo facility, so its got a bunch of 
virtual IPs assigned to its outside interface in addition to its own IP. 
  Everything is working fine between the flow generator & collector, 
except that all the traffic is being reported against the primary IP of 
the router/firewall, not the virtual IPs that the traffic were used on. 
  Anyone know of a way to make it behave the way I'd like?  I use this 
for traffic accounting purposes so it is critical that I have this level 
of detail...


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