[netflow-tools] Pfflowd and OpenBSD 3.9

Joe lists at pantz.org
Thu Jun 22 07:17:07 EST 2006

Fantastic! I just compiled the new one from the mindrot CVS. Works great! A note
to anyone on the list. Remember to make the user "_pfflowd". If you don't and
you try to start it you get nothing back. Let's hope this fix gets picked up for
OpenBSD 4.0.

Thanks for your work Mathieu it is appreciated.

On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 03:38:28PM -0400, Mathieu Sauve-Frankel wrote:
>On Wed, Jun 21, 2006 at 03:36:35PM -0400, Joe wrote:
>> Has anyone had any luck with Pfflowd from OpenBSD 3.9? I'm using the same
>> line to start it from 3.8 which works fine. Pfflowd is the same version (.6) 
>> from 3.8 - 3.9.The output of the error below on a default install of a 3.9 
>> machine. Looks like the version of pfsync for 3.9 is not what Pfflowd is looking 
>> for. If it is broke are there any plans to fix it? Thanks for the help.
>I committed a fix for this a couple of weeks ago to Damien's cvs
>Mathieu Sauve-Frankel
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