[netflow-tools] creating socket file (logsock)

Humphrey Widjaja h4w301 at gmail.com
Wed May 24 20:06:22 EST 2006

On 5/24/06, Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org> wrote:
> I can't tell without some more context, but I would guess that you
> have specified a logsock in a directory that does not exist.

The directory is exist as I could create the file with mknod.

As an alternate of socket file, I create /opt/_flowd/.fifo (with
"mknod <fifofile> p") and a PERL script to read from .fifo and write
it to another file with changing the filename every 15mins in this
format: flow.dat.yymmdd.HHMM

The reason of my script is to change the log filename every 15mins.

> Could you send you configuration and the full output of flowd.conf?

[root at localhost _flowd]# grep -v ^# flowd.conf

logsock "/opt/_flowd/.sock"
logfile "/opt/_flowd/.fifo"

pidfile "/var/run/flowd.pid"

listen on
listen on

flow source

store ALL

> Also remember that logsock is still pretty experimental :)

I know that and I want to be part of the experiment :)
Thanks for replying me

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