[netflow-tools] Making flows expire

Michael W. Lucas mwlucas at blackhelicopters.org
Mon Sep 25 06:30:24 EST 2006


My major use of softflowd is for generating pretty pictures with
CUFlow.  As CUFlow is RRD-based, flows that last a long time show up
as spikes on the graph.  This is increasingly becoming a problem for a
variety of administrative (people admin, not tech admin) reasons.

I'd like to have softflowd expire each flow after 300 seconds, and
restart with a new flow.  Yes, this is rather dumb, I know, but I can
reassemble these flows more easily than I can explain problems with
the pictures.

One thought that comes to mind is to do a softflowctl expire-all every
five minutes, but this strikes me as rather brute-force.  Is there a
cleaner way to do this, or am I just stuck with using an ugly hack to
implement my ugly requirements?


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