[netflow-tools] softflowd under FreeBSD measures too much traffic

Sebastian Schwerdhoefer sschwerdhoefer at multamedio.de
Tue Jan 16 19:12:56 EST 2007

Dear List,

I'm trying to set up an ip gateway with FreeBSD. For traffic
accounting i'd like to use softflowd with pmacct
(http://www.pmacct.net/). In my tests, softflowd seems to calculate
other (false) values when it's directly sniffing on an interface
(executed with "-i sis1"). The curious thing is, when softflowd
analyzes a tcpdumped file, the values delivered by softflowd are

Can anyone understand and/or explain this strange behavior?

I'm using the newest softflowd version. FreeBSD patches one file, softflowd.c.
I appended the diff file ("patch-softflowd.c"). Could this be the

Thanks in advance!
Sebastian Schwerdhöfer
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