[netflow-tools] flowd, ERROR, filtering input/output router interface index

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Wed May 30 19:28:46 EST 2007

On Wed, 30 May 2007, Alex A.Brodskiy wrote:

> Good time of day!
> yesterday i tried to work woth resent snapshot flowd release from 10
> may 2007 and discover error in filtering with input/output router
> interface index. After debugging i cleared up for myself that values
> of 'flow->ifndx.if_index_in' and 'flow->ifndx.if_index_out' read in
> function 'int store_flow_deserialise()' in module 'store.c' with wrong
> shift: instea of real value we got value shifted left by 24. although
> it worked correctly with next write binary file by 'flowd-reader'
> application after fileting i did not make a risk to correct this
> behavior. so if somebody would like to have a correct version of this
> package he will heed only to use shift back to right by 24 values of
> 'flow->ifndx.if_index_in' and 'flow->ifndx.if_index_out' in function
> 'flow_match()' in module 'filter.c' this is patch to file 'filter.c'
> version from 10 may 2007 to only correct this attached.

Thanks for the report!

Could you please try the attached patch? I think it is a more correct


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