[Bug 600] compilation of ssh-askpass or ssh-rand-helper fails on NCR MP-RAS v3.02

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Thu Jul 3 13:15:28 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From johnf.ct at netzero.net  2003-07-03 13:15 -------

I'm confused here. Attachment 347 shows a configure.ac patch file while
attachment 348 shows a gzipped configure. Anyway, here's what I did:

1. download attachment 348 (the one dated 2003-06-30 19:35 above)
2. extracted openssh-3.6.1p2.tar.gz to another directory
3. replaced the 'configure' file that came with openssh-3.6.1p2 with
   attachment 348
4. ./configure
5. make

The compilation finished. I haven't run 'make install' yet.

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