[Bug 613] sshd hanging

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Mon Jul 7 20:07:10 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2003-07-07 20:07 -------
OK, it looks like it's proably not MTU.  One other thing to check: can you do 
the netstat on the client too?.

You can try strace'ing a session which might give a better idea exactly where 
it's hanging (I suggest you use -D for no-daemon rather than the debug options 
as it will keep the output volume down).

strace -f /path/to/sshd -D -p [portno]

Warning: There will be a lot of output, and the trace will contain your 
password if you're using password auth, so blank it out (or change it for the 
test then change it back).

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