[Bug 585] sshd core dumping on IRIX 6.5.18 with VerifyReverseMapping enabled

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Mon Jul 14 22:35:04 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2003-07-14 22:35 -------
No, I don't have a .dmallocrc.  Here is exactly what I did:

# eval `dmalloc -l /tmp/dmalloc.log high`
# ./sshd -d -p 2022
[debugging output snipped]
# ls -l /tmp/dmalloc.log
-rw-r--r--    1 dtucker  dtucker     39314 Jul 14 22:13 /tmp/dmalloc.log

There might be a couple of logging problems: there will be log per connection 
plus one for the master daemon (the dmalloc docs say you can use "%d" for a pid 
but that didn't work for me) and the logging will be done partly as the user not 

Even without the logging dmalloc will be useful as it should abort the ssh 
session (with a core dump) as soon as it detects a problem, rather some time 

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