[Bug 597] X11 Forwarding: sshd doesn't listen on unix domain sockets

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Wed Jul 23 13:35:53 EST 2003


------- Additional Comments From cheako911 at yahoo.com  2003-07-23 13:35 -------
I hope that every one will pull together and implement a library for dealing
with the issue Markus mentioned.  After all that's why we have APIs, YMMV.

Damien, shared memory has little to do with what type of socket you use :)  The
problem is not that X is bigger than Y, but that Y can be made smaller thus
effecting Z, where Y + X = Z.

on some operating systems there is a performance benefit to using PF_UNIX,
others will just direct you to some sort of network loopback or lack support :))

xlibs that support only XiG or XFree86 servers DO conflict with ssh, thay should
be replaced when using ssh -X.

I'd like to help, if there are any other problems in getting this into ssh drop
me a line.  I think taking some of a fully functionaly Xserver and making it
into a lib for it to share with ssh would be a big leap in the right direction.
 Any one mind the way Xfree86 sets up sockets and manages connections?

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