[Bug 934] Traverse-only directories (e.g. chmod 110) break the cd command in sftp

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Mon Dec 6 17:13:29 EST 2004


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          Component|sftp-server                 |sftp
            Version|3.6.1p2                     |-current

------- Additional Comments From djm at mindrot.org  2004-12-06 17:13 -------
Yes, this problem is known (it is actually in the client) but is a little tricky
to fix. 

Basically the sftp client does a realpath() to verify that a path is accessible
and to change relative paths into absolute ones, but realpath breaks on traverse
only directories. 

The solution is to modify the client to fall back to doing a stat() on the path
when the realpath() fails. The client can then just continue, using a relative path.

This isn't particularly nice either, because it adds another round-trip for each
"cd" command (only on realpath error though)

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