[Bug 941] Poor transfer from Windows to Linux

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------- Additional Comments From david.outteridge at uchsc.edu  2004-12-07 03:31 -------
Comment #1 is a surprise to me.  Certainly I understand not implementing a
workaround; but I do not understand how this is a windows path workaround.

As I hope the example shows, a successful transfer from windows to linux
works, provided that the destination is the box running the scp command.  The
problem occurs when a third machine is identified, i.e., a remote windows to
*remote* linux transfer.


     Any file name may contain a host and user specification to indicate that
     the file is to be copied to/from that host.  Copies between two remote
     hosts are permitted.


At this point I do not understand my own comment about special syntax, and it
seems that it only confuses the main issue, and should be ignored.

A workaround that I am using is simply to do two transfers: to and from the
scp host.  This suits my application better than using mount.

Thanks for looking at the (maybe not) bug report.

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