[Bug 1014] SCP slow bandwidth with Solaris8 on n240

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Thu Apr 21 00:07:33 EST 2005


banville_c at hotmail.com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|SCP slow bandwidth with     |SCP slow bandwidth with
                   |Solaris8 on n240            |Solaris8 on n240

------- Additional Comments From banville_c at hotmail.com  2005-04-21 00:07 -------
I'm trying to test your solution but I'm having all sort of issues.

The Solaris 8 we currently use doesn't contain any development tools/packages 
what so ever.  I'm trying to compile the OpenSSH code (with your patch) but 
it's not working too good.  I had to install gcc and a lot of development/tools 
packages and also modify a few of my OS settings in order for the ./configure 
to work.  I have that working properly now but the "make" and "make install" 
don't seem to be executing properly. I'm working on it.

In order to install OpenSSH and OpenSSL recent version, I downloaded pre-
builded Solaris8 packages.  Would it be possible to build one with the code 
changes suggested?


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