[Bug 974] Record Badlogins for all supported Authentication methods

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Thu Jan 20 18:07:35 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From ashok_kovai at hotmail.com  2005-01-20 18:07 -------
> the btmp code in loginrec is derived from login from util-linux correct? 

Yes referred from util-linux .

> This bit is unnecessary, the PRIVSEP macro is for this purpose, ie:
>    debug("=== calling log_btmp uid %d ===\n", getuid());
>    PRIVSEP(log_btmp(authctxt->user,get_canonical_hostname(options.use_dns)));

I tried this, PRIVSEP macro may require a redefinition in auth.c. since it 
reports a linker error "ld: Unsatisfied symbol "PRIVSEP" in file auth.o"

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