[Bug 973] sshd behaves differently while doing syslog entries for tcpwrappers denied message, with -r and without -r option.

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------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2005-01-24 23:47 -------
It appears that OpenBSD's libwrap (or, more likely, its syslog libraries) are
not fooled so easily.  The refuse message always goes to the default log
(/var/log/messages on my box) and not to sshd's SyslogFacility, regardless of
whether or not reexec is invoked and/or messages are logged before the refuse.

I suspect it boils down to what the OS does in this case:

openlog(..., int facility);
syslog(..., "message1");
syslog(..., "message2");

It appears that on OpenBSD, message1 will go to different places if the facility
is set.  On other platforms, message2 will end up wherever message1 went (as you

The upshot is that if we're going to do something about it, it ought to be
-Portable only (new patch to follow).

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