[Bug 946] scp slow file transfers, even with -1 -c blowfish

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------- Additional Comments From dtucker at zip.com.au  2005-01-25 19:08 -------
No reply == closed bug.

BTW testing from a Linux host to an OpenBSD host on a 100Mb/s network got
5.5MB/s (ie over half of wire speed).  Neither host is particularly fast
(500MHz-ish) and the transfer was CPU bound.

Perhaps Cygwin limits the speed someplace (maybe disk, network or pipe IO?)  It
would be interesting to compare the performance of a native Windows client (eg

BTW2: RAID5 writes are CPU intensive (calculating parity) so if you're using
software RAID5 that won't be helping either (and I'm not sure if the CPU for
that will get charged back to the writing process either).

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