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Patch #1073 with fallback.

This is essentially the same as patch #1131, except that it also checks
for a matching hostkey without the port identifier.

Currently, if you have something like this in ssh_config:

Host foo
    Hostname foo.example.com
    Port 222

then you will have an entry like this in ssh_config:

foo.example.com ssh-rsa AAAA[...]

With patch #1131, this will no longer match since it's a non-default
port.  This patch adds a second check for this condition, so the key
verification doesn't fail.

Note that this only occurs when a) you *do* use a non-default port and
b) you *don't* use a HostKeyAlias, so unless both of these are true
patch #1131 will behave the same as you're used to.

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