[Bug 1189] Stacked PAM modules hang root logout

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Sat May 20 03:06:35 EST 2006


------- Comment #6 from wknox at mitre.org  2006-05-20 03:06 -------
Additional testing reveals that

1) the hang is caused by having the PAM module in question alone
performing authentication - it doesn't have to be stacked
2) non-root users will also hang using pubkey auth if sshd is
configured without PrivSep
3) not all PAM modules exhibit this behavior

I suppose this bug boils down to one of, if pubkey auth succeeded, why
would the auth PAM modules be getting touched at all? Even if I have a
clunky PAM module, I would have thought it wouldn't matter if it is not
being called for auth.

I am about to attach the output of truss -vpoll -f -d on the sshd
command in question. The hang occurs between the timestamps 15.69 and
26.18 (which is where I hit Ctrl-C).

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers to a clue, if I am
overlooking something (aside from getting rid of the PAM module in

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