[Bug 1307] client disconnects if ServerAlive enabled but not implemented

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Thu Apr 19 17:36:54 EST 2007


------- Comment #4 from djm at mindrot.org  2007-04-19 17:36 -------
The patch looks generally OK, but I'm undecided on whether
SSH2_MSG_IGNORE should tickle the keepalive watchdog. It comes down to
whether the keepalive is a unidirectional "is the other end still
alive?" or end-to-end thing "is the other end still responding to me?".

If it is an end-to-end thing then I think SSH2_MSG_IGNORE should not
restart the keepalive timer as these may be sent by the peer as their
own keepalives, whereas SSH2_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED will only be sent in
response to something that the local end has send (fulfilling the
end-to-end test requirement).

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