[Bug 1307] client disconnects if ServerAlive enabled but not implemented

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Thu Apr 19 18:38:46 EST 2007


------- Comment #6 from dtucker at zip.com.au  2007-04-19 18:38 -------
(In reply to comment #4)
> If it is an end-to-end thing then I think SSH2_MSG_IGNORE should not
> restart the keepalive timer as these may be sent by the peer as their
> own keepalives, whereas SSH2_MSG_UNIMPLEMENTED will only be sent in
> response to something that the local end has send (fulfilling the
> end-to-end test requirement).

Unless I'm misreading the code, any global request from the other end
(eg a port forward request) other than IGNORE or UNIMPLEMENTED will
reset the keepalive timer, even if it's not in response to a keepalive
packet.  I think that it IGNORE messages should reset the keepalive as
they're just as good an indication that the other end is alive as any
other packet (more, if the peer is using them for its own keepalive).

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