[Bug 1337] SCP performance twice as slow as RCP

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--- Comment #2 from Pádraig Brady <P at draigBrady.com>  2007-07-13 20:47:03 ---
I had to comment on such a nice bug number :)

Darren, in relation to your point 4 above, will it help the following?
I noticed that for scp if you disable compression (yes disable),
then transfer rate increases a lot. I looked at it very quickly
and it seemed worse the more the data compressed.
Also Protocol=1 seems much better:

dd bs=1M count=50 if=/dev/zero of=50MB_zeros
dd bs=1M count=50 if=/dev/urandom of=50MB_random

$ scp localhost:50MB_random /tmp
50MB_random                                   100%   50MB  10.0MB/s  

$ scp -C localhost:50MB_random /tmp
50MB_random                                   100%   50MB   4.6MB/s  

$ scp -C localhost:50MB_zeros /tmp
50MB_zeros                                    100%   50MB   2.3MB/s  

#setting Protocol=1 in sshd_config I get the following speed:
$ scp -C localhost:50MB_zeros /tmp #Includes time to type password!
50MB_zeros                                    100%   50MB  12.5MB/s  

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