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--- Comment #1 from Darren Tucker <dtucker at zip.com.au>  2007-06-12 10:24:22 ---
That's pretty weird, for a few reasons:

1) the socketpair error should be non-fatal (ie sshd should fall back
to the non re-exec code in that case).

2) there's no documented reason that socketpair will set errno to
ECONNREFUSED (which corresponds to the error you describe).

3) Once you have a valid hostkey, regenerating it should have no impact
on whether or not sshd will start up.

4) Unless you have specifically configured sshd to run under inetd
(which is uncommon) then restarting inetd should have no impact on

The only thing that I can think of (and it's a long shot) is that
you're reaching a limit of file descriptors, possibly a system-wide
limit.  You can try running "ulimit -h -n unlimited; ulimit -n
unlimited" (exact syntax will vary depending on your shell) before
restarting sshd.

You can also disable the re-exec in sshd ("/path/to/sshd -r") but if
you really are hitting a descriptor limit then that will probably not
solve the problem but rather change the symptoms.

BTW, which version of Solaris is this?  Do you have any
descriptor-related settings in /etc/system?

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