[Bug 1007] sftp client hangs on tru64 5.1A

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Fri Jun 15 14:11:07 EST 2007


--- Comment #15 from Paul Stepowski <paulstepowski at hotmail.com>  2007-06-15 14:11:06 ---
Hi Damien,

Casting my mind back I believe I worked around the issue by editing:


And commenting out:

#"netstat -an" /usr/sbin/netstat 0.05
#"netstat -in" /usr/sbin/netstat 0.05
#"netstat -rn" /usr/sbin/netstat 0.02
#"netstat -pn" undef 0.02
#"netstat -ia" /usr/sbin/netstat 0.05
#"netstat -s" /usr/sbin/netstat 0.02
#"netstat -is" /usr/sbin/netstat 0.07
#"arp -a -n" /sbin/arp 0.02

It seems these commands were taking a long time to complete and
delaying the PRNG seed by the sftp client.  From memory, it was *not*
DNS resolution (netstat -n) that was causing the delay in netstat.  It
must have been some other issue.  I don't recall any more details I
could give you.

Let me know if you need any more detail and I'll see what I can dig up.



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