[Bug 1502] Incompatible declaration of AuthctxtV2.success

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Tue Aug 12 02:45:06 EST 2008


--- Comment #2 from Tom Hanson <THanson at CardinalPeak.com>  2008-08-12 02:45:05 ---
Source file sshconnect2.c contains the definition of structure
AuthctxtV2.  Field "success" in this structure is declared as type

In function ssh_userauth2(), authctxt.success is passed to
dispatch_run() as the second argument.  

dispatch_run() is declared in dispatch.c with a second parameter of
type sig_atomic_t.

On some OS's (i.e. VxWorks) "sig_atomic_t" is declared as "unsigned
char".  Where the system is also big-endian, the size mismatch between
"sig_atomic_t" as "unsigned char" and "authctxt.success" as "int"
causes the data to be written to / read from different bytes.

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