[Bug 1467] SFTP stalls

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--- Comment #2 from sconeu at yahoo.com  2008-05-22 04:55:39 ---
Yes, NonStop defines EAGAIN, but doesn't use it in the case of a
nonblocking socket.   The proposed fix is essentially what i've done in
our internal port.

>From the NonStop man page for write(2) (read is similar):

          [EAGAIN]  One of these conditions exists:

                      o  An attempt was made to write to a file
                         descriptor that cannot accept data, and the
                         O_NONBLOCK flag is set.

                      o  A write to a pipe (FIFO file) of PIPE_BUF
                         bytes or less is requested, O_NONBLOCK is
                         set, and fewer than nbytes of free space are

                      o  The O_NONBLOCK flag is set on this file, and
                         the process would be delayed in the write

                    The process attempted an operation on a socket for
                    which O_NONBLOCK is set, there is no space
                    available, and no error has occurred.

My understanding is that EWOULDBLOCK is an older errno condition and
newer systems don't use it.  The NonStop sockets implementation is
apparently based on the older code.

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