[Bug 1607] compile errors buliding OpenSSH for older Red Hat

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--- Comment #2 from Adam Beneschan <adam at irvine.com>  2009-06-12 09:31:47 ---
There's no man page for statvfs.  "man statfs" says

              struct statfs {
                 long    f_type;     /* type of filesystem (see below)
                 long    f_bsize;    /* optimal transfer block size */
                 long    f_blocks;   /* total data blocks in file
system */
                 long    f_bfree;    /* free blocks in fs */
                 long    f_bavail;   /* free blocks avail to
non-superuser */
                 long    f_files;    /* total file nodes in file system
                 long    f_ffree;    /* free file nodes in fs */
                 fsid_t  f_fsid;     /* file system id */
                 long    f_namelen;  /* maximum length of filenames */
                 long    f_spare[6]; /* spare for later */

The man page also says #include <sys/vfs.h>.  On my system sys/vfs.h
consists only of #include <sys/statfs.h>.  Let me know if you want to
see any .h files.

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