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--- Comment #1 from Maciej Żenczykowski <zenczykowski at gmail.com>  2009-06-19 04:36:58 ---
(outside observer)

While I agree that getting SCTP support for SSH would be real nice. 
The presented patch merely uses SCTP in (what is effectively) TCP
emulation mode.

SCTP offers a lot of features that mesh well with ssh, ie.:
 - seperate channels for stdin/stdout/stderr, for every port forward,
for authentication agents, X forwarding, etc.
 - the ability to monitor IP addresses available on the machine the
client or server is running on and add these to the existing connection
 - others?

I realize of course that implementing all these 'features' would be a
*lot* more work than simply using TCP emulation mode.  However if we
start off with TCP emulation mode won't we than have to support it for
ever more - wouldn't it make sense to start of with a _real_
implementation?  Is there a benefit to supporting ssh over sctp in tcp
emulation mode?  Won't performance be pretty much identical to using

(really just food for thought...)

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