[Bug 1653] Can not rename (move) files across bind mounts

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--- Comment #1 from reuben.m at gmail.com 2009-10-07 03:50:07 EST ---
I realize that the sftp server was throwing an error because it can't
rename across mount points. (Even though the bind mount in this case is
sourced from the same partition, I assume there is no way for the
server to know that)

I'm using bind mounts to give different accounts, each with their own
chroot, access to directories that need to be shared between specific
accounts, but not with all accounts.

So I want to append to this report a request for adding a copy command
to the sftp server. I realize this is not part of the "official spec"
but spec doesn't do me a bit of good when it prevents me from getting
anything done. Make it an optional extension if you must. This will
allow to move over mount points using copy + delete origional.

-scp / ssh : will not work for me. I'm using a chroot sftp session that
is locked down. I really don't like the idea of remote users in my
scenario to be running commands not provided by the internal sftp
server or anything that requires a shell. This is mainly for obvious
security reasons since we are creating accounts for external clients
our business deals with.

-moving via copy-local : My users are dealing with huge media files.
This is not a good idea.

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