[Bug 1632] [PATCH] UTF-8 hint sftp-server extension

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--- Comment #8 from Marton Balint <cus at fazekas.hu> 2010-01-08 00:12:29 EST ---
The specific problem I'm trying to solve is to be able to give a sign
to WinSCP to treat remote file names as UTF-8, and convert from Windows
internal charset (unicode) to UTF-8 instead of latin1 when you upload a

Do you think that this is a bug in WinSCP, and the default remote
charset should be UTF-8? Well, maybe, but currently it isn't, and I
don't think the developer will be eager to change it because of
compatibility reasons. That's why I came up with this solution.

In the UNIX/BSD world the current logic is simple: don't convert the
charset, it's not the filesystem's, or the file transfer program's job
to decide the charset. I'm actually fine with that, it makes sense.
However with a UNIX server and a Windows client, charset conversion is
inevitable, and somehow we have to give a sign to the client which is
the preferred remote charset, otherwise clients which historically
defaulted to latin1 won't work with modern UTF-8 aware servers.

So my extension would only mean two things:
- If you do charset conversion anyway, convert to UTF-8.
- On this system, most of the filenames are in UTF-8 encoding, so you
may interpret them as such.

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