[Bug 1902] persistent mux master should chdir away from the current directory

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--- Comment #3 from chrysn at fsfe.org ---
looking to report this myself, i first found bug #1988; the change that
fixed that back then ("djm at cvs.openbsd.org 2013/07/25 00:29:10")
introduced a daemon(nochdir=1) call.

using daemon(0, 1) instead of daemon(1, 1) at the end of
control_persist_detach solves this bug for me. it is a little hard for
me to test continuously, though -- the change works when i building
from source, not when building the debian package, but those issues
don't belong here.

for reference, my test setup is

$ killall ssh
$ mkdir a
# mount -ttmpfs tmp a
$ cd a
$ ssh -F /dev/null -oControlPersist=yes -oControlMaster=auto
-oControlPath=/tmp/x.sock somehost
somehost$ exit
$ cd ..
# umount a

which works (ie. umount returns 0) iff i run the using_daemon(0,1)

i did no tests with respect to relative paths -- what would a setup
look like where relative paths could fail?

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