[Bug 2563] ssh bash -c drops arguments of the first command send to the remote.

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Fri Apr 8 22:07:43 AEST 2016


--- Comment #3 from Pascal Bourguignon <pjb at informatimago.com> ---
I've identified the reason of the observed behavior: bash -c takes a
single command (as documented), but if it is followed by arguments,
then they are used as "command line arguments", assigned to $0 $1 ...

For example:

$ bash -c 'echo $0 $@' foo \; echo bar
foo ; echo bar

    ssh ... bash -c 'echo foo;echo bar'

sends and executes remotely:

    bash -c echo foo ; echo bar


    bash -c echo foo

assigning foo to $0 (no other command line argument), bash executing
therefore just 'echo'.

Then something strange occurs, since it seems that the following
    ; echo bar
gets evaluated somehow (probably by a shell forked by ssh on the remote

The whole situation is messy, and I definitely think that ssh should
either concatenate the arguments to make a single command to be
executed remotely, or it should signal an error when it's given
additionnal arguments, instead of forwarding them to the remote side to
be processed in ways that are not very strictly controlled, documented
or well known.

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