[Bug 2440] X11 connection will fail if user's home directory is read-only

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Tue Apr 26 10:08:23 AEST 2016


--- Comment #4 from huieying.lee at oracle.com ---
Recently, we discovered that the original code changes for this
enhancement would not work if UsePrivilegeSeparation is set to NO.  

We fixed the problem with the following code changes:

--- old/session.c       Mon Apr 25 15:33:39 2016
+++ new/session.c       Mon Apr 25 15:37:31 2016
@@ -2241,6 +2241,7 @@
         * means that we won't set XAUTHORITY variable in child's
         * and xauth(1) will use the default location for the authority
+       temporarily_use_uid(s->pw);
        if (mkdtemp(xauthdir) != NULL) {
                s->auth_file = xmalloc(MAXPATHLEN);
                snprintf(s->auth_file, MAXPATHLEN, "%s/xauthfile",
@@ -2273,6 +2274,7 @@
                    "authority file: %.100s; will use the default xauth
+       restore_uid();
        return success;

A new patch file was attached also, which applies to OpenSSH 7.2p2.

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