[Bug 2147] OpenSSH remote forwarding of dynamic ports doesn't work when you create more than one

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Wed Oct 18 01:10:28 AEDT 2017


--- Comment #10 from debacle at debian.org ---
Damian, many thanks for checking this!

Unfortunately, I can still confirm the error with both OpenSSH server
7.4p1 and 7.6p1. With 7.4p1 and 7.6p1 my patch still helps, but for
7.6p1 it must be changed a little bit to:

@@ -1643,7 +1643,7 @@
        } else {
                /* listen address, port */
                if ((r = sshpkt_put_cstring(ssh, c->path)) != 0 ||
-                   (r = sshpkt_put_u32(ssh, local_port)) != 0) {
+                   (r = sshpkt_put_u32(ssh, c->listening_port)) != 0)
                        fatal("%s: channel %i: reply %s", __func__,
                            c->self, ssh_err(r));

Did you use OpenSSH client version 5.5p1 as described in my comment and
the Debian bug report? With newer clients the problem is not present,
so one really needs to use this old version. (Unfortunately, the client
in my setup cannot be upgraded.)

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