[Bug 2791] Match host exec doesn't resolve SHELL in the PATH

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Tue Oct 24 20:19:09 AEDT 2017


--- Comment #2 from berdario at google.com ---
Uhm, system(3) should use sh(1)

manpages for sh(1) on my system are explicitly about bash, but
otherwise I think it should be about this:


which says that the path for `sh` should be resolved from PATH

(I was under the impression that the POSIX standard specified that
/bin/sh would always have to exist, but I guess I was wrong?)

I haven't looked into openssh source code, but given the above, I'd be
surprised if it used system(3)

I understand that the behavior might not be changed, but the error

Unable to execute '/usr/bin/true': No such file or directory

Seems to be a bit misleading to me, given that the actual command
executed would've been something like

sh -c /usr/bin/true

Thanks anyhow for looking into this

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