[Bug 845] Received disconnect from ???: 2: Corrupted MAC on input.

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--- Comment #17 from Darren Tucker <dtucker at dtucker.net> ---
(In reply to Dan from comment #15)
> I can transfer exactly the same files from other hosts to my home
> computer (e.g., from a Macintosh in my home), so it seems the
> problem is not on my home Ubuntu box, nor in my home network setup.

It's not clear from the description but unless one of those tests
traverses from inside to outside your home network it could still be
your home network.

> I guess it's on Linode?

Maybe.  I'd suggest testing a large transfer (of something that you
would not mind disclosing, since it'll be in clear text) with something
like netcat then sha256 source and destination files and see if they
match.  That'll eliminate the variables of ssh and libcrypto.

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