[Bug 2892] Connections to jump hosts do not respect -4 and -6

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--- Comment #3 from Pascal Jungblut <oss at pascalj.de> ---
Thanks for your comments. Yes, it's definitely feasible to use
AddressFamily in ssh_config and this is what I ended up doing.

My confusion came from the man page descriptions of -4 and -6. I'm not
sure whether changing the man page would make much sense. It might be
irrelevant for the majority of users, but right now the flag does not
do what the manual says.

Regarding the problem of overriding ssh_config: -4/-6 will also
override AddressFamily for the target host (with or without -J). I'd
argue that the opposite (of comment #2) is at least equally consistent:
-4 forces AF_INET on all connections and if I wanted only the target
host but not the jump hosts to use IPv4, then I should specify that in
ssh_config for the target.

Feel free to close this issue if you think the current implementation
acts correctly. It was just an inconsistency I stumbled upon while
working with poorly configured hosts.

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