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--- Comment #5 from Darren Tucker <dtucker at dtucker.net> ---
> you're saying it can't be possibly working in previous version

no, I said "I'd be looking for behaviour changes in the shell or your
system wide login scripts".

Quoting bash(1):

       An interactive shell is one whose standard input and  output 
are  both
       connected  to  terminals  (as  determined by isatty(3)), or one
       with the -i option.  PS1 is set and $- includes i if bash  is 
       tive, allowing a shell script or a startup file to test this

       Login shells:
         On login (subject to the -noprofile option):
               if /etc/profile exists, source it.

               if ~/.bash_profile exists, source it,
                 else if ~/.bash_login exists, source it,
                   else if ~/.profile exists, source it.

         On exit:
               if ~/.bash_logout exists, source it.

       Non-login interactive shells:
         On startup (subject to the -norc and -rcfile options):
               if ~/.bashrc exists, source it.

       If  Bash  is  invoked  as  sh,  it tries to mimic the behavior
of sh as
       closely as possible.  For a login shell, it  attempts  to 
source  only
       /etc/profile  and ~/.profile, in that order.  The -noprofile
option may
       still be used to disable this behavior.  A shell invoked as sh
does not
       attempt to source any other startup files.

Which of those things did you check and what did you find?

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